Lizzy - Anti-Lice Lotion

Hey you! I’m Lizzy the Anti-Lice Lotion and together we are going to do this! I contain a natural lotion that effectively removes lice from your head. I also contain a lice comb to easily comb out the lice.

It takes only 15 minutes to completely remove your lice so you can play again! You can use me when having short, long, thick or curly hair. I’m safe, natural, very effective and I’m going to help you. I’m safe, natural and very effective and I’m going to help you.

What are lice and when do you need me

Suffering from an itching head? Oh ohhh.. That might be lice! Head lice are small, wingless, egg-laying insects who live in your hair and feed by sucking blood from your scalp! Let your mom check your hair if she sees any lice or nits, and let her check your little brother/sister as well because lice can be transmitted very easily through head-to-head contact, infected clothing, hats, hair brushes, combs, towels, bedding and upholstery. Next to the itch, lice can also cause bite reactions, skin loss, various infections of the skin, an enlargement of the lymph nodes in the neck, eye inflammation, fever and malaise.

But don’t panic... I will help you get rid of those tiny creatures!

How can I help you?

  • I prevent and treat infestation of head lice
  • I remove lice effectively
  • I’m gentle on hair and scalp and don’t dry out
  • I ensure that your hair does not tangle when the lice are being combed out.
  • I’m clinically proven effective

How to use me

Get the following items together before you start using me:

  • A bath towel (preferably white to ensure you can see the lice easily)
  • A tissue box or kitchen roll
  • Normal shampoo
  • Lizzy Anti-Lice Lotion and anti-lice comb

1. Place the towel around the shoulders and apply my lotion to dry hair. Avoid contact with eyes

2. Start applying at the fold of the neck and apply me from the scalp to the hair ends. Apply it especially on the back of the ears and folds of the neck where lice and nits can often be found.

3. Massage my lotion thoroughly up to the scalp

4. Leave my lotion for at least 15 minutes.

5. Comb out the hair lock by lock from the scalp to the end of the lock using the special Lizzy lice comb.

6. Clean the comb using kitchen roll paper or tissues regularly to see whether lice or nits appear on the paper.

7. Rinse the hair thoroughly using water. Avoid contact with eyes.

8. Wash hair with a normal shampoo if necessary.

9. Clean the comb thoroughly after every check or treatment.

10. Wash the comb in soapy water for 5 to 10 minutes.

Repeat the treatment after 7 days. This is necessary to ensure that the lifecycle of the lice is broken.

Tip: Ensure that all family members who have head lice are treated at the same time.

Be careful with me!

  • Avoid contact between me and your eyes, rinse immediately using water when I come in contact with your eyes
  • When using me, keep hair away from naked flames and other sources of heat
  • Do not use me longer than 30 consecutive days
  • I’m only suitable for external use
  • Do not use me when there is an existing oversensitivity to one or more of my ingredients. If allergic reactions occur, you must stop using me
  • Do not use me under the age of 4 years old

Download my IFU for more information and my ingredients