Albert - The Allergy Nose Spray

Hey you! I’m Albert the Anti-Allergic Rhinitis and together we are going to do this! The bottle contains a natural, non-toxic formulation that effectively treats and prevents allergic rhinitis, such as hay fever, pollen, house dust mites and animal dander.

With only one or two sprays, the sneeze goes away! I’m fast, safe and effective and I’m going to help you.

What is allergic rhinitis and when do you need me

aaaahHH… CHOO!!!!
Suffering from a drippy nose and continuously sneezing? Sound like you have an allergic rhinitis!

Allergic Rhinitis (= allergic inflammation of the nasal airways) is an allergic hypersensitivity of the nasal mucosa to other allergens such as pollen. These allergens trigger allergic inflammation of the nasal mucosa, producing excessive nasal secretion.  
Once you have been in contact with a given allergen, this will be stored in your immune system. This gives rise to the automatic production of antibodies; each time you come in contact with the allergen again, an allergic reaction will be triggered. Allergens Substances causing an allergic reaction are referred to as allergens. The immune system then tries to render the allergens harmless once they enter the body, giving rise to an allergic reaction.

How can I help you?

  • I relieve the symptoms of acute allergic rhinitis (sneezing, runny nose or nasal congestion).
  • I reduce the swelling of the nasal membrane to ensure you can breathe more easily.
  • I offer protection against hay fever, house dust mites and animal allergies.
  • I may be used for longer periods.
  • I am natural and contain nature-identical ingredients.
  • I am immediately effective.
  • I do not irritate.

How to use me

1. Shake before use.
2. Hold me upright and insert the tip of the nasal spray bottle into the nostril.
3. Spray both nostrils once or twice. Do this two to three times a day.

First use: Remove the cap from the bottle. Pump two or three times until I’m squirted out of the bottle. If the spray function is blocked (for instance because the nozzle is not being held upright), do not cut off the tip of the bottle. Instead, squeeze a few times to squirt me right up into the air.

Be careful with me!

  • Do not use me longer than 30 consecutive days.
  • Don’t use me without your mom there.
  • Don’t use me after nasal surgery.
  • Don’t use me after the expiry date stated on my packaging.
  • Hypersensitivity: To date, no hypersensitivity reactions have been noted. Hypersensitivity reactions to one of my ingredients, however, may occur. If this happens, stop using me.
  • Side effects: To date, no side effects have been noted when using me.

Download my IFU for more information and my ingredients