Iris - The common cold nose spray

Hey you! I’m IRIS, the nose spray that helps you with your cold. I treat runny and stuffy noses effectively and in a natural way.

Just spray me 1 or 2 times per nostril, 4-7 times a day and the cold goes away! I’m natural and quick and suitable for children of five years and older. I’m here to help you!

The problem

Suffer from sneezing, a runny nose or a cough? You better start wearing your scarf... Because it sounds like you have a common cold!
The common cold, also known simply as a cold, is a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract that primarily affects the nose.
The throat, sinuses, and larynx may also be affected. Signs and symptoms may appear less than two days after exposure to the virus.
These may include coughing, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, headache, and fever.
Children usually recover in seven to ten days, but some symptoms may last up to three weeks.

I’m here to help you breathe free through your nose again!

Why choose me?

  • Fast and soothing relief from a blocked nose
  • I treat the symptoms of a cold nose
  • I Help to breathe free through the nose

How to use me?

1. Shake me before use.
2. Hold my bottle upright and insert my tip into your nostril.
3. Spray both nostrils once or twice. (Spray each nostril 2 to 3 times a day, once or twice, as required.)

First use: Remove my cap. Pump twice or three times until some spray is squirted out of me. If my spray function is blocked (for instance because the nozzle is not being held upright), do not cut off the tip of the bottle. Instead, squeeze a few times to quirt the spray right up into the air.

Be careful with me

  • It is not recommended to keep using me for more than 30 days consecutively
  • Do not let other people use me because of hygienic reasons
  • Avoid contact with your eyes
  • Do not use after expiry date. After opening, I may be used for 1 month
  • Do not use me in children under 3 years of age
  • Allergies: Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to one or more of my ingredients
  • In case irritation or other complaints aggravate after use, stop using me and consult a GP
  • Side Effects: There are no known side effects, when I’m used according to the instructions for use
  • Interference with medications: There is no known negative effect between me and other medications
  • Do not use me combined with another nose spray without medical advice
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding: I recommend your mom not to use me if she’s pregnant or breastfeeding without medical advice

Download my IFU for more information and my ingrediënts