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We care about kids

Who are we

We are KIDSNER and we care about the health of your children. 

Lice, warts, chickenpox... Unfortunately, children suffer from these everyday health issues sometimes. It can be unpleasant, for both you and your child. As a parent you want to keep your child as healthy as possible, so it can play carefree again.

At KIDSNER we love to make everyone a little happier. That’s why we have developed dedicated OTC-products especially for children, which can reduce the symptoms of everyday health issues in a natural and non-toxic way. Every product is perfectly safe and easy-to-use.

Now everyone gets a good night's sleep!

We have a lot of new friends for you!


All KIDSNER products are safe and super easy to use at home.

Specially for children

We have developed our products for the fragile and delicate children's skin.

No harmful ingredients

Our products are made with love for skin and nature and are paraben-, SLS/SLES- and silicone free with no artificial colorants and fragrance.

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What parents say

  • "The travel lollypops always works great with my kids. I would definitely recommend this product!"
    — Suzie, mother of 3
  • "Lovely products for Kids between the age of 4 and 12 years"
    — Peter, father of 2